How to Play

Here you'll get help, so don't you worry.

Looking for Account Support?

Tino the Intern has made a really swell support page which should be able to help with almost anything!

Community Made Tutorials

The tutorials below are made by people from our lovely community. They will get you going in no-time. If you're still clueless, you can try the FAQ or one of the community resources.

How to survive your first night.

Check out this beginners tutorial to Minecraft made by paulsoaresjr. In his own words:

"This tutorial demonstrates what to do in the first few minutes of the game (while the sun is shining!) so that you can survive the coming night."

The basics

Part 01: Controls/Options

Part 02: How to Punch Trees

Part 03: Crafting Basics

Part 04: How to Use a Pick

Thanks to Coestar for videos above!